Theatre of Movement is a visionary performing and visual art collective that creates original, provocative, and meaningful artworks informed by research into Black American and Caribbean histories and imagery.




Sept 20, 6:30pm Hero Complexities @ Nasher Museum (Duke University), Durham, NC: INFO
Oct 13 , 12noon-2pm Theatre of Movement Workshop @Nasher Museum Teen Meetup Workshop, The Ruby Durham, NC
Oct 19 and 20, 8pm Hero Complexities @ NC Dance Festival in Durham, NC: INFO
Nov 7, 7pm ––Evening with the Creative Class @ UNCG School of Dance Greensboro, NC: INFO
Nov 10, 8pm Hero Complexities @ NC Dance Festival in Greensboro, NC: INFO
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Theatre of Movement presents works by Duane Cyrus as well as a range of works, events, and collaborations with a range of artists from different disciplines. Please contact us if you would like to purchase or present one of our works; collaborate with us; or produce a project with us.

The 2017-18 season for Theatre of Movement was an amazing journey of performances, workshops and engagement. Director Duane Cyrus, who is also an associate professor of Dance at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) continues to lead as choreographer and producer. Theatre of Movement presented its gala performance on Sept 22, 2017 in the UNCG auditorium and featured ballet star Brooklyn Mack and tap phenom Maurice Chestnut.  Hero Complexities honors the brave sacrifice made by Charles W. David Jr with a multidisciplinary cast of black male artists expressing their perspectives on who they are and the complex questions surrounding themes of rescue and heroism. Theatre of Movement presented Hero Complexities to energetic audiences in: St. John’s, Antigua; the Conference on African Diaspora Dance at Duke University; Conference on African Culture and Expression at UNCG, Wake Forest Dance Festival, and TEDx Greensboro! Special thanks to our community partners who helped make these events possible. 

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Hero Complexities


Hero Complexities

Hero Complexities is a multidisciplinary performance work created by Duane Cyrus that is inspired by the heroic acts of Charles W. David Jr., a Caribbean American United States Coast Guardsman who served on the USCGC Comanche during World War II and lost his life helping to save nearly 100 drowning servicemen in the icy waters off Greenland. It investigates the confluence of questions surrounding themes of rescue, self-sacrifice, and heroism as the cast of contemporary black male artists navigate and articulate their perspectives on this important legacy and its relevance for our future.  What does it mean to be a problem and a savior at the same time? And how do black contemporary bodies simultaneously relate to past acts of heroism while negotiating present-day dilemmas through art? How can these questions lead to healing for all people, regardless of race or gender? Other questions being explored are: What is the impact on families when servicemen are lost? What does survival mean to Veterans?

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Director and Founder Duane Cyrus



Duane Cyrus regularly works with top-level professionals from the region as well as special guest artists with successful careers in cities like New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Cyrus’s distinctive interdisciplinary works have been seen in concerts such as “The Vital Grace Project”, “A Seat in History” and “Stars of American Dance”. In North Carolina, his performance group, Cyrus Art Production (2006-14) performed at the NC Museum of History, North Carolina Museum of Art, Carolina Theatre, Aycock Auditorium, International Civil Rights Museum, The Greensboro Cultural Arts Center, and Triad Stage among others. Abroad, the company performed and engaged audiences at the 92nd St Y, Ailey Citigroup Theatre (NYC) and as far away as Tokyo, Hiroshima and Honolulu.  As an independent artist Duane Cyrus continues to delight audiences nationally and internationally––expanding his artistic voice by presenting accessible, thought-provoking work that educates as well as entertains.