Resistance Project

What is The Resistance Project?


Each workshop runs about 3 hours with a featured presenter, discussion, and creative activity (dance, poetry, visual art etc.)


The Resistance Project uplifts the voices and representation of Black women.

Founded by artistic director Duane Cyrus in testament to the women who have helped shape his life, and the lives of many others.


The Resistance Project will highlight Black women artists, scholars, entrepreneurs, and activists with empowered art work and events

 This is done through community engagement, performance, and development workshops.

 Workshops include creativity & multidisciplinary art; health & wellness; personal finance; and a more equitable reading of the contributions made to American culture by Black women of African, Caribbean, and Latin descent. The Resistance Project is available to women of all ages and backgrounds.





Personal Development


Entrepreneurship (as a value and not a commodity)

Community Engagement


Workshops will take place at:

UNCG School of Dance

1408 Walker Ave

Greensboro, NC

Coleman Building/Studios 201-A, 202-A & Dance Theater










Tu May 7 6-9pm

We May 8 6-9pm

Th May 9 6-9pm

Fr May 10 6-9pm

Sa May 11 noon-3pm

Su May 12 noon-3pm

Mo May 13 6-9pm




Tu June 18 6-9pm

We June 19 6-9pm

Th June 20 6-9pm

Fr June 21  6-9pm

Sa June 22 11am-2pm 

Su June 23 11am-2pm 




Tu July 9 6-9pm

We July 10 6-9pm

Th July 11 6-9pm

Fr July 12 6-9pm

Sa July 13 6-9pm

Su July 14 11am-2pm 

Mo July 15 6-9pm


The following provides a description of each days workshop activity for May 7-13, 2019

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Tue May 7th 6-9pm 

UNCG Coleman 201-A (new studio w/wooden floor)


Duane Cyrus will present Introduction and Info About The Resistance Project


Followed by performance workshop


Wed May 8th 6-9pm

UNCG Coleman 201-A (new studio w/wooden floor)


Tara Green, author of Reimagining the Middle Passage: Black Resistance in Literature, Television, and Song will speak on the myth of the flying African as a story of resistance and empowerment.


Followed by performance workshop


Thu May 9th 6-9pm

UNCG Coleman 201-A (new studio w/wooden floor)


Dr Karen Meadows will speak about her book "Pedagogy of Survival: The Narratives of Millicent E. Brown and Josephine Boyd Bradley"


Followed by performance workshop


Description Dr. Meadows’ presentation:  

Unsung heroes, social justice, history, trauma, public educational discourse, courage, the power of youth and the power of one are all captured in the book, Pedagogy of Survival: The Narratives of Millicent E. Brown and Josephine Boyd Bradley.  Pedagogy of Survival focuses on the first-hand narratives of two desegregation pioneers (Millicent E. Brown and Josephine Boyd Bradley)--their stories, sufferings, and pedagogy of survival.  This book gives voice to unsung heroes and the often overlooked view of the adolescent perspective. Josephine Boyd desegregated Greensboro Senior High (now Grimsley High School) in 1957 and Millicent E. Brown desegregated Rivers High School (Charleston, SC) in 1963.  In this session, the author addresses “the historical” as expressed in the belief that our youth have inherited a discourse of collective resistance without the historical context.  My trainings with educators, educational leaders, school counselors, parents, students and community members focus on historical narratives to address the gap between our youth’s understanding of historical collective resistance and the current resistance that is sometimes demonstrated by our most disenfranchised and marginalized youth as it relates to educational outcomes.  



Fri May 10th 6-9pm UNCG Coleman 306 (Dance Theater)


Devin Newkirk

Photo Shoot: The Image of a Black Woman

One of the most important things to take possession of is your self-image. Media and entertainment have a long history of generating distorted images of black women. Photographer Devin Newkirk will conduct a photo shoot where all participants will be supported in the creation of empowered images through photography.  

Instructions for Participants:

Come dressed as your most fabulous self. 

Bring a photo of your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or a woman in your life that is family to you or inspired you.


Bring an item that represents who or what you consider yourself to be.


Followed by performance workshop


Sat May 11th noon-3pm  UNCG Coleman 306 (Dance Theater)


Duane Cyrus will discuss Career & Personal Finance Strategies Strategies


Followed by performance workshop


Sun May 12th noon-3pm  UNCG Coleman 306 (Dance Theater)


Duane Cyrus will The Resistance Project development and performance activities


Followed by performance workshop



Mon May 13th 6-9pm  UNCG Coleman 306 (Dance Theater)


Kayla Baker will lead an empowerment workshop titled, This Too Shall Pass


Followed by performance workshop


Description: This Too Shall Pass

Workshop will address overcoming the obstacles, adversity, hard times, and challenges that might come with the dynamics of living life as a woman. Participants would acknowledge themselves as survivors and take pride in the level of resilience and perseverance that women posses. Participants will also exhibit confidence in their own unique identities, experiences, and stories. Workshop will focus on subtopics that may include following:

  • The Queen in You
  • Superwoman 
  • You Don't Own Me



Check out our imagery and designs for The Resistance Project

(images and designs by Devin Newkirk)