Creative Exploration for Resistance Project Wed May 8
Thursday, May 09, 2019
By Theatre of Movement
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Check out our recent choreographic explorations for The Resistance Project.

The music, Mama's Cryin Long--has some very resonant lyrics sung by Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, Amythyst Kiah, and Allison Russell

It calls up the history of lynching and reminds us that Black women were victimized by that terrorist act as well

Here are some articles to consider:



In this clip--we were exploring ways to adapt Ring Shout, Afro-Caribbean movement, and house to an old-school song by the group First Choice. I was also thinking about stepper's sets and the types of dances Black folks do at parties (Wobble, Bus Stop, Electric Slide) and even Latin dances like Bachata. Material has a way to go but this is what Dr. Tara Green's presentation inspired for us. We were also considering the Ibo Landing story and the idea of the Sankofa Bird--that in order to move forward, you have to know where you come from. Check back later to see how this develops

Resistance_Project@UNCG_2019.05.08_MAMA’S CRYIN LONG

We continued the movement started yesterday and I tried out some music by Rhiannon Giddens (an award winning UNCG alum!) Music was suggested to us by David Aarons--ethnomusicologist in the UNCG School of Music. Worked with Kesia and Lauren and used track suggested to us by David Aarons Choreo by Duane with collabo from dancers We do not own rights to this music and it’s used for reference only

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