Dr. Karen Meadows presents her book Pedagogy of Survival––May 9 2019
Friday, May 10, 2019
By Theatre of Movement
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We had another inspiring presentation from featured guest speaker, Dr. Karen Meadows and her book Pedagogy of Survival.

This is a book that anyone interested in education, transformative pedagogy, and the importance of civil rights should read!

Dr. Meadows conducted in-depth research and interviews of important civil rights activists--the young people who integrated schools during Civil Rights era. 

This included Millicent E Brown and Josephine Boyd Bradley. Note that Josephine Boyd Bradley was first student to integrate Grimsley HS--just down the road from UNCG!

And the street is now named after Josephine Boyd. Amazing!

Please contact us if you're interested in the book or a presentation from Dr. Meadows. Every student should be exposed to the information about activism and resistance to oppression that Dr. Meadows offers!


Friday May 10 is PHOTO SHOOT day!

We will meet in the School of Dance Theater at 6pm for another fun photo session with photographer Devin Newkirk!

The theme is: The Image of a Black Woman

One of the most important things to take possession of is your self-image. Media and entertainment have a long history of generating distorted images of black women.

Photographer Devin Newkirk will conduct a photo shoot where all participants will be supported in the creation of empowered images through photography.  

Instructions for Participants:

Come dressed as your most fabulous self. 

Bring a photo of your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or a woman in your life that is family to you or inspired you.


Bring an item that represents who or what you consider yourself to be.

As always we will also continue with our performance workshop led by Duane after the photo shoot

Join us!

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