May Workshops Were Great! Info for June
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
By Theatre of Movement
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The Resistance Project's workshops for May were inspiring and beneficial to all present! On Monday May 13th, Kayla Baker, director of Artistic Intellectual, presented a motivational workshop titled "This too Shall Pass." Baker's organization is a creative arts company located in Greensboro, NC. that is committed to the arts as well as supporting development, education, and the community. Artistic Intellectual was designed to increase social awareness by serving as a contributor to social activism through creativity and the arts. The Resistance Project acknowledges and support Kayla and Artistic Intellectual!

Kayla Baker brought our attention to understanding identity and Intersectionality––and understanding how to separate the image of Black Women presented by media from who Black Women are in reality. Baker has conducted studies and interviews on the Meaning of Being Black in America for Black Women. Noting that first and foremost--AWARENESS is important. To see oppressive narratives and frameworks for what they are

Baker also discussed the idea of INTERSECTIONALITY––noting that many social justice platforms only target one aspect of who we are. (i.e. race issues may not address gender or vice versa--when both may be important to the same person). That racism and sexism oppress Black women. And we must understand identity through multiple lenses. 

We Must Tell Our Own Stories! --this statement was prominent in all of the workshops this month.

And we hope you will join us in June to help us tell our/you story!





As a recap––here's the list of what was presented in the May 2019 workshops

Dr Tara Green: Reimagining the Middle Passage: Black Resistance in Literature, Television, and Song
Dr Karen Meadows: Pedagogy of Survival: The Narratives of Millicent E Brown and Josephine Boyd Bradley
Kayla Baker: This too Shall Pass: Overcoming the Adversity that Might Come with the Dynamics of Living Life as a Woman
Devin Newkirk: Image of a Black Woman: Photo Shoot 

Our next Workshop dates are:

Tu June 18 6-9pm 
We June 19 6-9pm
Th June 20 6-9pm 
Fr June 21  6-9pm
Sa June 22 11am-2pm
Su June 23 11am-2pm 


UNCG School of Dance
Coleman Bldg 201-A
1408 Walker Ave

We hope you will join us

You can register to join us in June by clicking the Register Here Tab below

Continue to check our Blog until then for more info

Thank You



Taking inspiration for the workshops presented this month I asked participants the question, "What Does a Black Woman Look Like?"

Below are images of sketches from the participants followed by my own collage of images of just a few of the important and influential women in my life. To me, they were my first impression of what a Black Woman looks like. My amazing mother Audrey, gone from my life way too soon. My sister Loretta. My sister Darlene––my first dance inspiration/mentor. My niece Tracey.

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