Theatre of Movement brings socially relevant art to you! We are a performing and visual arts collective led by the artistic vision of Duane Cyrus. Theatre of Movement is committed to accessing and engaging audiences with a message that art is a vital part of our world. Theatre of Movement is a movement in itself with a visionary model for producing original and meaningful artworks while developing informed, empowered, and capable artists.


Our mission is to offer performances, community engagement, workshops, and cultural events in a range of artistic disciplines including dance, theatre, music, photography, and film. All the artists involved in Theatre of Movement practice professional development, and entrepreneurship skills-building in addition to in-depth study and delivery of their chosen art form. Theatre of Movement members also cultivate their strengths as mentors and teachers to pass the legacy of American culture on to the next generation.


Our vision is to deliver performing and visual art on an international level that helps to create a world where success is not equated with relinquishing your cultural background. To build a strong appreciation and value for diversity in the arts and American culture.


Products: Performance, Photography & Film

Services: Resources, Artist Development, Arts Education, Workshops & Classes