Theatre of Movement is a visionary performing and visual art collective that creates original, provocative, and meaningful artworks informed by research into Black American and Caribbean history and imagery. We are a performing and visual arts collective led by the artistic vision of Duane Cyrus. Our works and events re-vision the perception of blackness in history with the goal of impacting present-day interactions––towards a more equitable future.


Theatre of Movement is committed to accessing and engaging audiences with a message that a more truthful vision and representation of blackness in art is a necessary part of our world. We develop and support informed, empowered, and capable artists. We practice professional development, and entrepreneurship skills-building in addition to in-depth study and delivery of our artistic disciplines. Theatre of Movement members are mentors and teachers and pass the legacy of American culture on to the next generation.  Our vision is to deliver performing and visual art on a global level that helps to create a world where the image of blackness is more equitably represented in all its diversity. To build a strong appreciation, better understanding, and value for diversity in the arts and American culture.  


Products: Performance, Photography & Film

Services: Workshops & Classes, Resources, Artist Development, Arts Education


We Need Your Support!

There are considerable costs attached to making the socially relevant work we develop. We need your help to make our work continue to be appreciated by audiences around the world. Would you or someone you know be able to help make relevant art a reality? Visit our fiscal sponsor, New York Live Arts to make a tax-deductible donation now: